Maintain Accurate Child Care Forms the Digital Way

In today's fast moving society, maintaining accurate records for the children in your daycare facility is crucial. But who has time these days to print off a PDF, fill it out then remember to bring it to your Daycare center when you need it?

Our child daycare intake forms are fully digital. They look great on your site and will produce more completed intake forms than the outdated, clunky "print this off and send it with your kids" approach that leads to missing information that you need.

Why Our Digital Forms Are Better

When enrolling a new child in your daycare, you can simply list the page on your site where the intake form lives. Or send the parents an email with the link to your form in the body of the email you send. Our forms are compatible with all devices, too. Parents can fill them out on their pc, tablet or smart phone.

When a parent completes your daycare form and clicks (or taps) the submit button, the information they filled out is instantly delivered to your email inbox.
What you do with it from here is up to you. You can print it out. Save the email itself as a document and file it away on your pc or CRM you use to manage your daycare center. Your options are virtually endless. If you select one of our "archiving" plans, you can rest assured that your completed daycare forms are safe and secure on our cloud hosted platform.

    So whether you're in need of ...
  • Child Care Enrollment Forms
  • Child Introduction Form for Child Care
  • Child Medical Record Form
  • Authorization to Administer Medication
  • Incident and Injury Forms
  • Child Care Photo Release Form
  • Emergency Medical Consent Form
  • Emergency Contacts Form
  • Field Trip Permission Forms

How to Get Started

If you want to create your own daycare intake forms, simply click here to see our plans and pricing.
If you're not sure how to use our form creator (it's VERY easy) or simply don't have the time, just know we'd be more than happy to create your forms for you. We charge a 1-time fee of $15 for this service. Please go to our contact us page and reach out to us. We'll schedule a call with you to make sure we understand exactly what you want on your forms and create them for you.
We'll also coach you as to the plan with us that will suit your needs and determine if you need us to upload the form code to your site. We charge a 1-time fee for uploading your form(s) of $10.