Use your own Call to Action button

At best contact form, we know the importance of the contact form’s Call to Action button. With our system, you can enter your own text and assign the button and text it’s own color. Or you can use your own image for your call to action button.

Call to action button.


Just make sure that when you designate your own image as your call to action button, that 1) the image is uploaded to your server 2) you enter the dimensions of your image in the fields above.
Neat trick … if your button doesn’t have any text on it, use the “button text” to lay text over your image. Cool, eh?!

In this example, obviously adding a URL to the “Button Image URL” field overrides the 3 fields above that (background color, text color and button text. Those are for out-of-the-box button customization available inside your account.)

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