27 Features

BestContactForm.com absolutely rocks! In about 2 minutes I jotted down these 27 things our contact form services provides. Prepare to be impressed:

1) fast, easy wysiwyg editor with drag and drop organization of form fields
2) use the form code or iframe
3) databasing of all leads*
4) keyword tracking*
5) ip tracking*
6) referring source*
7) landing page on the site*
8) page on the site where the form lives that was filled out*
9) users web browser*
10) users screen resolution*
11) search engine
12) type of click – organic, ppc, direct type in, etc.
13) users location
14) our “smart zone” (which is pretty cool)*
15) instant email notifications to whoever you want to receive them (or nobody)
16) text and html autoresponder
17) salesforce.com integration
18) wordpress plugin
19) form importing feature (if you’re happy with your existing forms and just want to add a layer of tracking)
20) captcha and advanced captcha technology
21) export to csv*
22) conversion tracking*
23) stop spam submissions from entire countries
24) create unlimited number of forms
25) unlimited questions / form fields
26) unlimited site usage (with 1 account you can put as many forms on as many sites as you want)
27) 14 day free trial on all paid plans

Here’s a screen shot of an actual form submission. Notice how we tie all of the form questions to the tracking data.
(Click Here to see the image)

If your current contact form service doesn’t do all of this … why are you still with them?

* available on paid accounts.
** paid accounts start at $1.95 a month

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