Our reseller plans are perfect for individuals and large agencies.

We have numerous individuals and agencies using our reseller plan. While we don't offer white labeling of our software, our reseller plan is very flexible. In fact, you charge your clien't whatever you want. We don't show these plans on our pricing page due to the customization each client requires. Simply contact us so we can tailor a plan specficially for you.

When you log in to your reseller account you'll be looking at your dashboard.

As you can see, ALL of our reseller plans come equiped with our Smart Zone Reporting! From here is where you'll add new clients by clicking on the "My Clients" link in the top left corner of the dashboard. Then click "Create a New Client".

Fill out the form to create the client. NOTE - the client's email address and password on this page can be given to your client. They can log in to their account only using these credentials to view reports. They will not have access to the forms or form builder.

Now that you've created a client, you'll be looking at your "My Clients" dashboard".

As you add more accounts, this is where you'll be able to edit their account, create their forms and tally their monthly quotas. Note: there's no calendar function on this page so if you're charging your clients per form submission, be sure to check this page at the end of every month. If you're charging them a flat monthly fee don't worry about it. Hint: when creating forms for your clients, name the form accordingly. Like ... "YourCustomer.com Contact Us", etc.